Stainless Steel Products

DTR Asia is your premier choice when it comes to your needs of stainless steel products in Singapore. Whether you need stainless steel in buildings, infrastructure or architecture, we definitely go you covered! As a trusted stainless steel specialist in Singapore, we at DTR Asia know that modern structure and building designs need to have an aesthetic appearance as well as an extended lifespan. Stainless steel is one of the preserves of a construction project and it has been an everyday material because of its appearance, corrosion resistance, sustainability, and strength. DTR Asia, a leader when it comes to steel fabrication in Singapore. You can guarantee that we can fully meet your needs and project requirements with our full range selection of high-quality stainless steel products below. Over the years, we have already built a remarkable roster of stainless steel products that are delivered and used by some of the most famous buildings and bridges in the world. Basically, stainless steel has been the favourite of many architects around the world in designing the longest bridges, tallest buildings, and public art projects.


DTR Asia is the name behind high-quality stainless steel products in Singapore. If you ever need stainless steel grating specialist there is only one name to call. Through the years, we have already accumulated the skills, knowledge, and expertise in the industry of stainless steel fabrication Singapore. We always introduce products that are innovative and those which we know can contribute in simplifying and standardising architecture and construction. There are many stainless steel grating specialist in Singapore but you only have to choose one that can meet your needs. We at DTR Asia are more than willing to do the job for you. Whether you need stainless steel grating, stainless steel railing or stainless steel cladding in Singapore, you can guarantee that we can do the work for you.


Our stainless steel products Singapore include:

SS Bollard


Ramp Railing









SS Tray



SS Railing



SS Table Top & Leg



Pool Ladder



SS Cladding



We also sell other stainless steel products Singapore such as: