What we do

We are glass and stainless steel specialist with years of experienced in the construction industry. With our expertise and well-versed knowledge, we are renowned in the field we have taken. Our dedication in supplying, designing, fabricating and installing different products on glass and stainless steel remains unparalleled. Shower screen, glass railings, kitchen backsplash glass, glass wall cladding, swing and sliding glass door, mirrors, sliding and folding glass doors systems, skylight, glass canopy, glass partition, shop front and staircase glass railing are parts of what we work as glass specialists in Singapore.


Aside from glass, we also specialise in stainless steel or mild steel. Our works for this include handrail, cladding, table top and legs, tray and grating, board signage, cable railing, bollard, skirting, ladder and pool ladder, door and the railing. If you are looking for a Singapore fabrication company that truly knows what we do, DTRASIA is the perfect one for you. We know this job like the back of our hands. We have carefully chosen the people who will do the job for you. Each of our technicians has undergone the complete and rigorous training that prepares them to be ready when projects are presented. With the years of delivering undisputed glass and stainless steel expertise, whatever service you need from our specialists will be delivered to your satisfaction.


We are not just a company whose eyes are off the prize, which is a success. As glass and stainless steel specialist in Singapore, we do not just channel our entire focus on chasing with success. We have our own goals and mission set. What we want is an unequivocal excellence in every aspect of the company. Our aim is to bring the best and most reliable glass and stainless steel specialists that customers can count. In everything that we do, we incorporate social responsibility. We trained our staff to be responsible as we took every job given seriously. What we do is never joke to us. When we are at it, our aim is to always deliver.


We are a fabrication company in Singapore whose value centres on integrity and honesty. Whatever we are doing, we make sure that we deliver honest services to our customers as we satisfy them with the services and high-quality products that they rightfully deserve. We became one of the leading Singapore glass and stainless steel specialist due to our passion for what we do and our dedication to ensuring that we deliver as promised if not more. Our profit in every job that we took means more than just what it is, as we know that they had been from jobs wherein humanity has benefited. We make sure that our working condition is always safe not just for our clients but for our team of specialists as well. With the fine quality of our products and top notch services from our expert’s team delivers, we are the fabrication company that you have been looking for.


Our Mission is

  • Unequivocal excellence in all aspects of the company.
  • Corporate social responsibility.
  • Honesty and integrity.
  • Profit, but profit from works that benefits humanity.
  • Safe working conditions, always.